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As a Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor and Gold level business, we are able to offer subscriptions to their products at a significant discount. This includes QBO, payroll and payment solutions. In most cases, I

can save you 50%! That’s $300/year for the QBO subscription alone. You need to be currently paying your subscription by yourself and not through your accountant or CPA.

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Quickbooks Online Pro Advisor log

Are you still using spreadsheets?

I still hear about business owners using spreadsheets to track their income and expenses. Why? It’s simple and easy is what I hear. Hmmm….okay. 

The truth is that keeping your vital business records on a spreadsheet on your computer is not a good practice. If your computer crashes, you’ve likely lost everything. If you have a back-up program like Carbonite, you’ll get the spreadsheet back, but it will take a while to find it, download and make sure it’s correct.

What’s the solution? Cloud-based software and recordkeeping. It will keep your information secure in an offsite area(server) much like your online bank account information. If you’re computer crashes or is stolen, you’re information is always secure.  Downtime is limited and you’re back up and running in a few minutes, not a few hours. 

Other examples of cloud-based storage are Dropbox and Google Drive. You can even store a limited amount for no charge.

Xero accounting software and Quickbooks Online are also cloud-based. Both save your business information “in the cloud” i.e., a secure server accessible by an internet connection. This is the direction that all software is headed. You’re either going to get on board now or later. 




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