Here we are, smack in the middle of the Minneapolis and St. Paul holiday season, and not only is the federal government shut down for the foreseeable future, but the political and cultural logjams are becoming ever more entrenched.

At least we have these holidays.

But then I realize — even these can so easily become stressful. And that might be because whatever your faith background, it’s hard to ignore the holiday clamor. In my opinion, it’s a crying shame that a season of reflection and prayer would become transformed into something so… busy. It’s almost as if we now have to rush around Minneapolis and St. Paul to purchase or artificially create these nostalgic moments, when they probably would have happened on their own during simpler times.

Now look — as a proud Minneapolis and St. Paul area business owner, I have no problem with people spending and earning money during this season … I just wonder when it’s time to say “enough”?

Maybe it really is the stress of the holidays, because as I’ve been meeting with our Opportunity Financial Small Business Tax Advisors clients recently, I’ve discovered that many of you are worried and stressed — about finances, business problems, family, personal circumstances, etc. It’s not my job to save the world on your behalf of course, but I do get to be somebody in your world who can encourage you to slow down, take a breather and keep your perspective on what’s really important.

(By the way, we are still meeting with clients to help them with year-end issues, so feel free to email me or call us at (763) 412-1170 for help.)

Anyway, thanks for your friendship, and for your business in 2018, and (hopefully) in 2019.


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